Crema Da Montare - confectionary product with 25% fat
Discover the sweet joys in life with confectionary products Crema Da Montare!
Our professionals have created the confectionery product Crema Da Montare for the special moments in your life! With its help you can prepare your favorite desserts with ease and a lot of imagination!

Save time and money by preparing a delicious homemade cake using Crema Da Montare! You can make your children happy with homemade cream, mousse or a beautiful fruit salad decoration. And you can also make an experiment by mixing Crema Da Montare with different types of jams. Using a syringe, you can make a wonderful fluffy decoration for your cake or pie!

Crema Da Montare is your good helper in the kitchen in the preparation of tasty and high quality products for your family!

Available in packs of 1L.