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Cooking with our products is fast, easy and tasty!

You CAN do anything with our products:
You CAN make your children happy with homemade cream, dessert, mousse or surprise them with fruit salad decoration.
You CAN surprise your family by offering not only exotic Italian cuisine at home, but also diversity in the kitchen with different kinds of sauces, dressings and savory mousses.
You CAN impress your guests with exquisite coffee with cream or charm them with a cup of Viennese coffee.
All of you have known for many years the high quality of products under the brand My Day. They often find place on your table and bring the warmth of true natural Bulgarian milk. Our beautiful bottles predispose children to often turn to them and ask themselves for a cup of milk that is so healthy and necessary for them.
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Dairy products My Day are delicious and high quality products made from 100% cow milk.
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Kids milk
We produce dairy products intended mostly for children:
Mlechko 1L – pasteurized drinking milk for children, enriched with 11 vitamins and iron
Flavored milk CHOCO, STRAWBERRY, BANANA 200 ml -  suitable packaging for children.
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For cooking
We offer dairy cream for cooking and whipping, cooking product with non-hydrogenated vegetable fat.
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For whipping
We offer confectionery products (25% and 26% fat), which are suitable for cooking of cakes with a light and delicate flavor, as well as for preparation of sustainable creamy decorations.
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For coffee
We offer at your attention 3 essential companions for your coffee that add great and final taste to your caffeine drink
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